CinemaScan is a Motion-Picture Set Scanning Service

The first of its kind to provide the convenience of pre-production set scanning for optimized and highly efficient planning.

Put your set in the cloud

After a set is scanned using our LiDAR and Panoramic Photography cameras, the data is rendered into a “digital twin,” allowing you to visit the set in a digital 3D space from anywhere in the world, at any time.

Plan your production, smarter

The digital twin can then be used to assist in pre-production planning, creative decision making, and communicating this information quickly and thoroughly with your crew members before call time.


Pre-production collaboration inside your location

Re-visit your digital twin location location over and over again while in pre-production, 24/7, as much as you want.


Get your entire crew up to speed in seconds

Once you’ve made your creative and logistic decisions, share with your crew.



Use your digital twin to begin blocking before you arrive. Test our your set our with digital meta-actors, place them in the actual location. Precisely pre-visualize your shots with lens selection and camera movement simulation.

Visualize Multiple Lighting Types


CinemaScan can not only scan your set, we can train your production company staff on how to best utilize our digital twins technology. Virtual and in-person training available.

More uses for your digital twin

Parking Guide Walkthrough

Talent Walkthrough

Pricing packages



For scanning – up to 2500 sqft interiors + 2 hrs of logistic support for tags/walkthroughs within digital twin.



Includes everything in the LIGHT package + 3D storyboarding for 10 storyboards.


$0.50 per additional sqft.

i.e. – 3000 sqft house = 1999 + 250 = $2249

Why choose CinemaScan

Brought to you by its’ parent company, Picture Block Inc., the CinemaScan product is one of several well-engineered solutions that were created to solve complex motion picture problems.

​It is our core purpose to provide you with services that are both convenient, easy to use, and incredibly time effective while also creating a luxury, high-end experience. We understand that these two things don’t commonly go together – but with CinemaScan, they absolutely do.

​​After 15 years of being on sets we’ve become, by default, technical problem solvers. Through years and years of seeing the issues that directors and crews struggle with during production, we’ve been able to pioneer the industry by honing in on reliable solutions and fine tuning the entire cinema experience – from start to finish.

We really have thought of everything, so that you don’t have to.